SmartPhone Proximity Advertising Sales Reps Needed! It's A Virtual Lead Magnet - (Flagstaff)

Posted on: 01/26/18


Read this entire post - and you WILL get excited!!! But, read my caveat (warning), first. CAVEAT: This is a 3-tier, commission-only program. It is best worked part-time - in conjunction with another job - until residuals are built up to a good level. Basic knowledge of advertising, business administration and social media is required. Are you still with me? Good! Read on . . . We have a new, breakout product that is used by businesses to advertise their products and services. It is called a Bluetooth proximity beacon. This is a small device carried on your key chain or in your pocket, that continually sends your message, and a link to your website, to all Android smartphones within a 100 yard radius. You don't have to be a salesman to sell this. Almost every businessperson you show this too is going to want one ( or more ). Everywhere you go, this little gizmo is sending out your message and your web link, 100 yards in all directions. It works 24/7 on autopilot. The Bluetooth beacon works "out of the box" anywhere on Earth: no app required! Note: Internationally, Android accounts for 85% of the smartphone population. North America is 60% Android. And, don't forget the local business market: Night Clubs, Hotels, Motels, Storefronts, Realtors, Service Providers, Marketers, Salesmen, Insurance, Lenders, Food Trucks, Taxies, Limos, Uber, Lyft, Affiliates, Networkers . . . Just imagine attending a pro or college football game with 50,000 people in attendance! Bingo! You just sent your marketing message and website link to over 30,000 people! It works at shopping malls, home shows, hotels, convention centers, business expo's and more. Getting excited? Carry a beacon on your keychain and advertise everywhere you go, all day and all night. You become a walking billboard! The applications are limitless. Let your imagination run wild! Bluetooth proximity beacons can be used and sold in any country: a truly international service and global opportunity! Do you have friends or associates in India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Europe, Africa, Canada, Australia, UK, or ANY other country? If you have the ability to " Show & Tell ", then you can make a TON of money. Our beacons are leased, not owned. What does that mean? That means you sell once - and get paid every month! Our big money is in the residuals! And don't think small. Some companies have ordered hundreds of beacons on their initial order! EVERY business is ALWAYS looking for more Leads, Customers, or Prospects! That's why I say, you don't have to sell this, JUST SHOW IT! We have great support and training and we, as a company, are ready to rock the world! This is an independent contractor position. Your income is unlimited and 100% unrestricted. There is an entire world out there, 99.9% of whom have never heard of this product! Think of the possibilities! If you're a business person, you need this. If you're a sales person, we need you! If you're a think outside the box, driven, entrepreneur, who's looking for that perfect opportunity, this is your future! Respond now to get all the details!

Ad Number: 21432014